Leadership Assessment & Development

Leadership Development - Leadership Strategy and Leadership Development

Leadership Strategy
& Leadership Development

A leadership strategy is broader than a training and development plan. It begins with envisioning the “future perfect” state for leadership when your organization is running at peak efficiency and achieving its strategic objectives.

Considering the low success rate for generic leadership training, it’s one of the best investments you can make.

From there we partner to create a development strategy with a clear line of sight between investments in leadership development and organizational success. The development strategy includes your desired leadership climate and what specific qualities, competencies, and behaviors you need, as well as the learning and development resources required to achieve your vision.

Leadership Development - Executive Hiring and Assessment

Executive Hiring & Assessment

One of the most critical decisions senior executives face is hiring or promoting a new leader. HH&A uses a structured interview process covering critical factors for success in senior leadership positions: drive and achievement motivation, self-awareness, and resilience. This interview process would supplement and support your decision-making.

A detailed report for each candidate is provided, as well as recommendations for managing the unique characteristics of the individual should s/he be hired.

Leadership Development - Succession Planning

Succession Planning

HH&A has designed succession planning systems for companies celebrated for their approach to succession and leadership development, including Philip Morris and American Express. The generic “let’s cascade talent review to everybody” may be exactly the right choice for some and a waste of precious resource for others.

What we have learned through years of developing and managing these processes is how critical it is that they be elegantly simple and precisely structured to ensure ROI and to meet the goals of the organization.