Learning Methods

Our workshops incorporate multiple learning methods, including:


•  Lectures, dialogue, multimedia

•  Applications to current business situations

•  Role play and practice with tools

•  Confidential and multi-voting to stimulate dialogue

Organization Agility Workshops

Fundamental Concepts





Workshops Offered in Organization Agility

Intended Audience: Upper middle to senior management

Duration: 3 hours

  • Learn the unique characteristics of highly agile organizations and leaders within them
  • Differentiate change leadership from change management
  • Describe the critical role and challenges of upper middle management
  • Understand change derailers and best practice leader behaviors to address

Intended Audience: First-line supervisors; individual contributors in line for supervisory roles

Duration: 3 hours

  • Learn how individuals experience change
  • What are and how to apply change management techniques
  • Describe the critical role of first line supervision in the success of change
  • Learn and practice supervisor behaviors designed to speed change and enhance agility

Intended Audience: Intact teams experiencing or about to experience a significant change

Duration: 3 hours with 1 hour pre-work

Objectives are tailored based on pre-work and include:

  • Discussion of how the change is likely to or is currently progressing
  • Current levels of resistance, resolve, and alignment
  • Required leadership behaviors
  • A specific plan of action to enhance success and shore-up needed areas


This workout addresses a current change initiative. While engaged in learning, the team diagnoses current status, successes, and pain points, and creates specific plans to ensure momentum.

Designing, Implementing, and Sustaining Change

Intended Audience: Individuals or teams charged with designing, planning, and implementing a change. These individuals are often called “change agents.”

Duration: 6 hours

  • Learn the 5 stages of implementing change and the key tasks associated with each
  • Learn key tools associated with each stage of change
  • Differentiate the role of change agent from those with authority to mandate change
  • Practice how to coach key stakeholders on resistance, resolve, alignment, and change leadership


This training focuses on the tools and mechanisms of a successful change management process. It has been used successfully by HR Business Partners initiating or supporting a change, IT teams introducing a new system, sales teams introducing a new selling process, organization design teams introducing a new structure, etc.

Real-Time Supports

HH&A provides real-time coaching and support for leaders and change agents.


•  Assessing individual, team and organizational readiness

•  Developing two-way communications and monitoring their effectiveness

•  Building synergy within the team leading change

•  Translating visions to changes in processes, roles, behaviors, and competencies

•  Assessing how transitions are being received by the work force

•  Measuring progress

•  Evaluating learnings