Organization Development Consulting

Organization Development Consulting - Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture

Organization culture is the self-sustaining pattern of behavior that determines how things are done. At its best, culture is an emotional energizer and the wind at your backs. At its worst, it can be a drag on productivity and forward momentum. Conflicting corporate cultures are the biggest obstacle to successful acquisition integration.

Our team uses an evidence-based approach to quantify aspects of organizational culture that are proven to be linked to performance outcomes. We leverage internal dialogue and state-of-the-art, empirically-validated culture assessments to assess strengths and weaknesses, develop plans, and measure the progress of what is typically viewed as nebulous aspects of organizational performance.

Organization Development Consulting - Leadership Team Alignment

Leadership Team Alignment

The highest value work of the senior team involves making progress on the vital challenges that cut across the businesses and functions. Creating leadership team alignment involves ensuring a shared understanding of strategic imperatives, choosing how to execute on them, and building strong enough working relationships to accomplish them. We note that the opportunity costs of having an aligned team are chronically undervalued.

It is hard for many CEOs to achieve a well-aligned team for several reasons: productive norms may not have evolved; simply operating the business is extremely challenging; or the team members may be in flux. We offer an approach (a framework and set of processes) that supports the CEO in gradually dialing up the focus on aligning the team at a course and speed that blends in with running the business.

Organization Development Consulting - Human Capital Strategy & Systems

Human Capital Strategy & Systems

Human capital is the people and supporting processes that make your organization shine by aligning all towards strategic objectives.

A human capital strategy contains a mix of short- and long-term objectives. It includes the determination of the right mix of people for the short-term and for the projected needs of the organization, and a set of processes to accomplish that vision (i.e., hiring, performance management, talent management, succession planning, leadership development, work environment optimization).

HH&A has considerable experience with some of the most celebrated companies in the world in creating human capital strategies and management systems. Helen Halewski herself is a former Chief Human Resources Officer. During her career she completely redesigned antiquated personnel approaches into high-performing systems.

Organization Development Consulting - Organization Agility

Organization Agility

An agile organization takes advantage of change, whether planned or unexpected, without ever letting it sideline you. But organizational change is never easy or standardized. That’s because organizations are not things; they are people and teams.

At HH&A we have codified an approach that enhances Organizational Agility. We have a unified suite of training, tools, and resources that creates an organization-wide platform and a common language with which to approach change.

Our approach is not one-size-fits-all. It can and should be tailored to your specific needs.